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The breaking news story of the year is that Phyllis was accepted to train for ordination in the summer over 1 year.  This meant that she immediately had to start looking for curacies!  Fortunately the bishop found us one that is close to the hospital, ideal for what she wants and with a great training vicar.

With so much in the way of new beginnings we have decided to totally overhaul the website.  The old is gone and behold we see a new thing appear.  Most of our friends keep in touch on Facebook now (to the chagrin of our sons) so this is simpler and more of a placeholder.  If you are a friend and not on Facebook, then please do drop us an email.  If there was something on the old site you really miss, let me know.

Phyllis appointed Curate at St Peters, Littleover!


Countdown to ordination